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The best things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is for traveling. A traveler will not miss Sri L

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Sri Lanka is for traveling. A traveler will not miss Sri Lanka if he or she is actually interested in traveling. There are countless things to enjoy in this beautiful island. If you haven’t visited it yet, it is high time to consider visiting. Among all the other beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka, Ella ranks the best. Both locals and tourists consider it the most mesmerizing place to visit. Ella or in other words, mountain town has the best climate because of its location.

The train ride is something that none of the travelers miss. Many travelers who visit Sri Lanka recommend this ride because it will be the most memorable moments you’ll cherish. Also, there is no better way to reach Ella. We wouldn’t say that it is a big town because it is not. Definitely, this is a small town. But this small town has a lot of things that you can enjoy. Let’s get started with the best things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the waterfalls

The island boasts about its 400 waterfalls, so why not see them? We know, it is impossible to enjoy all the waterfalls, but you can try Bambaragama, Ravana Ella, Diyaluma, Ravana Ella, and Dunhinda. These waterfalls are around Ella, so you don’t have to think twice to witness them. There are homestays near the waterfalls so if you accommodate yourself, and you will be able to enjoy the views at your own comfort.

Little Adam’s Peak

You might have heard of little Adam’s peak, and it is one of the remarkable things on this island. Both Ella rock and little Adam’s peak are the favorite hiking trails of hikers. Most people who visit this island are hikers because of perfect hiking trails in Sri Lanka. If you are planning to trek, do it in the morning hours because it often rains in the afternoon. Plus, you will manage yourself even without a tour guide.

Nine Arch Bridge

You can reach the Nine Arch Bridge if you take the short walk. If you want, you can walk under it or across it. If you don’t want to walk across or under it, you can just sit there while you enjoy your cup of tea or coffee at cafes in the town. It will be pleasing to sit or walk across the bridge because of the way it is situated.

Dowa Rock Temple

Sri Lanka is special for religious and cultural things. The island consists of different religions, yet it is beautiful to see how they unite as Sri Lankans. However, the Dowa Rock Temple belongs to Buddhism, and you can reach it by public service or three-wheeler. You will witness the beautiful temple that is built around the stupa. If you take a look at the interior of the temple, you’ll be stunned to witness the A-class work by the architects in the past. Of course, there might have been one or two changes made by the current architects, but the credit for the initial design goes to the architects in the past.

Tea plantations

If you are in the highlands of Sri Lanka, you will see tea plantations wherever you turn. Also, don’t forget that Sri Lanka is special for tea plantation and they are tea-lovers. Anyway, you can enjoy walking in the tea plantation if you are in Ella. Hikers who visit Sri Lanka make sure to visit tea estates so that they’ll feel refreshed. You will get lost in the beauty of green, and we bet you’d want to visit Ella once more.

Homestay for overnight stay

You already know that Sri Lankans are great at treating people well. Even the homestays in Ella have the greatest customer service so you will not regret accommodating yourself in the homestays. If you want to enjoy Sri Lanka’s special rice and curry, homestays should be your choice.

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