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Fantastic things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Galle is another wonderful city that you’ll find in Sri Lanka. Almost all the travelers who visit Sri Lanka don’t miss Galle from their lost because they know Galle offers everything a traveler needs. You can find cultural beauty as well as natural beauty. If you are looking for cultural things, know that there can’t be any other places than Galle. However, if you visit Galle, you shouldn’t miss Unawatuna and Galle Fort. If you miss these areas, your tour will become meaningless. Do you like to walk on the beach? Or do you want to visit beautiful churches? Everything you need from a tour can be found in this beautiful town. We will offer a list of fantastic things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka so give them a try.

The Dutch architecture

Sri Lanka’s history amazing and you’d be glued to it when you start learning. However, if you think of Dutch, they left behind a lot of constructions of the East India Company. Perhaps, the ramparts are impressive designs, but you are going to discover a lot more than that. The Dutch’s warehouse which is now the Maritime Archaeology Museum once was their warehouse. If you look at Amangalla hotel and Groote Kerk you can find more fascinating details of Dutch architecture.

Go shopping

If you go inside the Galle For you will be able to enjoy shopping in those shops located in the little streets. There are so many boutique shops where you can find amazing souvenirs and other Sri Lankan items. Some shops specially cater to the needs of tourists so you can look for those shops as well. Along with these, there are gem and jewelry shops from where you can get quality jewelry with varieties of designs. If you have an interest in home linen and handloom sarongs you can find them in Galle.

Enjoy special Kottu

There’s nothing as special as Kottu at Galle. This is one of the most special foods in this town, and the taste will not leave your taste buds even if you leave Sri Lanka. You don’t have to eat anything else if you have Kottu because you will feel satiated once you have this delicious meal. This special dish is prepared by mixing chicken, egg, cheese, roti, vegetables, and seasonings. If you are a vegan, you can still enjoy Kottu as they offer vegetable Kottu as well.

Walk on the historical ramparts

Ramparts cover the walled city. These were constructed when the Dutch were ruling Sri Lanka, so it was in the 17th century. The ramparts are extremely thick, which is why people walk along with them, and somehow, it has become one of the tourist attractions. You can see prison between these thick walls along with beautiful waves. Plus, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the sight of schoolboy’s cricket tournaments and the beautiful lighthouse!

The special tea at Amangalla

You already know Sri Lankans love tea, and they make the best tea. If you have tasted Sri Lankan tea, you’ll know it. But tea wasn’t a Sri Lankan thing, but it was something abstracted from British custom after British colonization. Now the custom has become so attached to Sri Lankans and you can see this custom in all over Sri Lanka. The Amangalla Hotel, which is a Dutch building from the eighties, is now a great spot to have your evening tea. This excellent hotel is a place worth visiting, so why not give it a try?

Go surfing in the Unawatuna beach

If you want to enjoy surfing, there is no better beach than Unawatuna. It is not one of the biggest beaches in town, but it is definitely the best beach to have some fun. If you are new to surfing, this is where you should begin. You can enjoy surfing without worrying about the waves!

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